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                             Kiwi Karts are designed and built with 20 years experience,
                             for New Zealand conditions.

                             This means our products are not just another imported kart.

                             We race and promote what we build because we believe in
                             our product not because we've been stuck with a warehouse
                             full of them.

Introducing our Kiwi Kart Cadet 09 Model.

The Cub Cadet is derived from testing our Tiger & Lynx models, Tubes are mandrel bent and with the latest welding technology, results in less stress concentration throughout the frame.  Axle bearings and mounts are blueprinted and matched as standard to lessen power absorbing rolling resistance.
Body Work - Red or Black
Undertray is graphic covered to match the side pods and plastic bodywork.
Kiwi Kart Lynx - As driven by 2012 National Junior Restricted Championship and 2011 North Island Junior Restricted Championship Titles Holder Jacob Cranston


 Kiwi Kart Tiger - As driven by Andrew Hoare:

  • 1st 2012 Super Kart National Championships Rotax Light 
  • 2nd 2011 National Sprint Championships
  • 2nd 2010 North Island Sprint Championships Yamaha Light
  • 1st 2010 WPKA Goldstar Championships Yamaha Light
  • 1st 2009 North Island Sprint Championships Yamaha Light
  • 1st 2009 Blossom Festival Yamaha Light