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Cadet 09 Model

KIWI KART Cadet  Model 09

   The new model is out !!. The Cub Cadet is derived from testing our Tiger & Lynx models.
Body Work - Red or Black
Undertray is graphic covered to match the side pods and plastic bodywork.
 Kiwi Kart Cadet 09 Model

Many hours have been put into fine-tuning the KIWI KART TIGER range.  Our Senior Kart has successfully acheived a podium finish.

We are very proud of our Tiger range and will continue to test our chassis with our factory driver Andrew Hoare attaining up to date results.
  Brake Assembly

   Nosecone configuration, very smart graphic covered undertray


  • Mechanical brakes  
  • Diamond Red powder coated frame
  • Adjustable pedal position

Specs Cadet 
Chassis: 28.6mm Chrome-Moly
Axle: 25mm
Brakes: Mechanical 
Rims: 5 x 4.5  Alloy
Wheelbase: 90cm
Application: Kartsport NZ Cadet Class