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 Introducing the Kiwi Kart Lynx designed for Junior Restricted

As Driven By Jacob Cranston

 2012 National Sprint Champion
2011 North Island Sprint Champion

 Lynx model features:
  • Dent hydraulic 4 pot brakes
  • Adjustable ride height front and rear
  • Sniper individually adjustable caster and camber
  • Diamond red powder coated frames,undertray graphic coated in Tiger design decals
  • Edwards CNC machined Alloy Wheels
  • Removable Front Bar

 All tigers come with 25mm Stub axles with ride height and ackerman adjustment, Sniper Alignment provides linear castor adjustment seperate from camber adjustment so now any combination can be made with no compromises.   
   Steering shaft with 3 tie rod postitions providing plenty of steering adjustment for altering steering rate and ackerman.
  Dent Brakes complete with a vented and drilled disc provide strong and reliable stopping power.

Ride height has a low and high adjustment settings.
    With 3 bolt postitions on the master cylinder and 6 postitions on the pedal a number of adjustments can be made to provide the driver with the perfect pedal feel.
  Aluminium Anodized ladder type fully adjustable pedals are one size fits all.  

Chassis: 28.6mm Chrome-Moly
Axle: 40mm
Brakes: Dent hydraulic 4 pot
Rims: Edwards Alloy
Wheelbase: 102.5cm
Application: Junior restricted