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 Jacob Cranston 2012 National Champion
Junior Restricted

Pictured from Left: Andrew Cranston, Jacob Cranston, Dave Odering.


Racing Update 7/12/11

Gold star round two at Taranaki proved to be an exciting and challenging weekend. With hot sunshine baking us all on Saturday it was a shock to find showers coming through in the morning but was all as the weather man had predicted. This made things very interesting as we had a mixture of a wet and dry track in the morning with threatening rain in the afternoon making things challenging for the drivers and the mechanics. However, the racing spectacle on display was very exciting with close racing through all the fields. Notably in Juniors, a long winded battle throughout the day between the Taranaki local golden boy Matthew Podjersky and our own Josh Drysdale from Manawatu was jam packed with excitement and produced a great atmosphere as the crowd cheered as each took the advantage during the races, but glory was taken in the end by Josh coming out as the victor. Also, the cadet class produced some excellent racing and was met with a strong Manawatu contingent, with the end results going in our favour with Manawatu monopolising the top steps of the podium and no one outside the top 10: Kaleb Ngatoa 1st, Tom Greig 2nd, Callum Crawley 3rd, Nick Evans 7th, Jackson Rooney 9th, and Riley Jack 10th.

Racing Update 08/11/11

After a weekend of challenging wet and dry conditions and some exciting racing we are pleased to announce the results of the Kiwi Kart Drivers on the weekend at Round One of the Goldstar Series:

Cadets: 1st Kaleb Ngatoa, 2nd Tom Greig, 3rd Callum Crawley, 4th Nick Evans, 5th Josh Donohue, 6th Riley Jack, 7th Jackson Rooney, 8th Rianna Omeara-Hunt, 9th Thomas Boniface, 10th Zane Riddick, 11th Maddy Stewart, 12th Ben Hibbs, 13th Dylan Frere, 14th Ethan Donohue, 15th Jamie Van den Berk.

JR: 9th Tyler Smith.

Junior Yamaha: 12th Ashleigh Stewart.

Yamaha Light: 8th Daniel Rine.

Cadet GP: 1st Tom Greig, 2nd Nick Evans, 3rd Kaleb Ngatoa , 4th Callum Crawley, 5th Zane Riddick, 6th Maddy Stewart, 7th Jackson Rooney, 8th Ben Hibbs, 9th Dylan Frere, 10th Rianna Omeara-Hunt, 11th Josh Donohue, 12th Thomas Boniface, 13th Ethan Donohue, 14th Jamie Van den Berk, 15th  Riley Jack.

JR GP: 5th Tyler Smith.

Junior GP: 11th Ashleigh Stewart.

Senior GP: 4th Daniel Rine.


Racing Update 1/11/11:

Good Luck to all the Kiwi Kart Drivers who have entered to compete in the 2011/2012 Gold Star Series with round one starting this weekend, 5th-6th November, at Manawatu.

Cadets: Tom Greig, Jackson Rooney, Maddy Stewart, Callum Crawley, Riley Jack, Kaleb Ngatoa, Nick Evans, Jamie van den Berk, Ben Hibbs, Josh Donohue, Zane Riddick, Thomas Boniface, Rianna O'meara-Hunt, Dylan Frere, and  Ethan Donohue.

JRs: Tyler Smith.

Junior Yamaha:  Ashleigh Stewart.

Senior Yamaha: Daniel Rine.

Racing Update 31/10/11:

Congratulations to Jacob Cranston, for winning the Junior
Restricted class at the North Island Championships on Labour Weekend. Whilst watching the grueling battle unfolding in front of him throughout the entire race, Jacob patiently waited for the right moment to let his Kiwi Kart Tiger Lynx pounce, and in the closing laps his patience proved fruitful as he went from 3rd to 1st in one corner and put his head down never to be caught again. Well done Jacob, an awesome drive!!

Congratulations to all the Kiwi Kart Drivers who competed on the weekend:

Cadets: 1st Caleb Cross, 2nd Matthew Payne, Reece Hendi-Cox, 4th Tom Greig, 5th Nick Evans, 6th Lee Zeltwanger, 7th Liam Lawson, 8th Callum Crawley, 9th Bradley Wilson, 10th Kaleb Ngatoa, 11th Zane Riddick, 12th Jackson Rooney, 13th Sam Wright, 14th Amy Smith, 15th Josh Donohue, Rianna O'meara-Hunt, 17th Joseph Terry, 18th Joshua Parkinson

Racing Update 5/9/11:

Congratulations to Jacob Cranston, for winning the Junior Restricted class at the 44th Annual Blossom Festival on the weekend whilst at the wheel of his Kiwi Kart Tiger Lynx!! 

You drove with excellence all weekend Jacob, Well Done!!


Factory Driver Andrew Hoare

1st Rnd 1 & 2 WPKA Gold Star Rotax Light
1st Blossom 2009 Yamaha Light
1st Kart in the Dark 2010
1st Blossom Day Two 2010 Yamaha Light
1st North Island 2009 Yamaha Light
2nd North Island 2010 Yamaha Light
3rd NZ 2010 Rotax Light
2nd Nationals Invercargill Yamaha Light 2011
3rd Nationals Invercargill Rotax Max Challenge 2011