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R120 Repair Supplement


Raket 120 Repair Supplement                 October 2011

Kiwi Karts have repaired your Raket 120 engine with either a new cylinder or replaced the piston.
We have pressure tested the crank case assembly and replaced seals or gaskets where needed to the best of our ability.
Where the engine has been supplied to us complete and unassembled we have pressure tested with carb mount block and gaskets as assembled.

If the engine was supplied to us less carb and mount block it is the customers responsibility to ensure these parts are not faulty and there are no air leaks when assembled.

Kiwi Karts also strongly recommend the fitting and use of an air box internal foam filter either installed dry or oiled with a foam filter oil.

When running in the new parts we strongly recommend the use of a high quality mineral 2 stroke oil (Castrol Active 2T) at a ratio of 20:1 (50mls per liter).
After a running in period of at least 3 x 10 minute sessions the oil ratio may be changed to no less than 25:1 (40mls per liter) although running your engine at 20:1 (50mls per liter) for racing would improve engine life with no noticeable performance loss.

Running in:
Session 1:   Accelerate up to around 6000 rpm engine speed and slow using brake, 
                  then accelerate to the same speed repeating for the whole session. 
                  Stop and allow the engine to cool for 10 minutes.

Session 2:   Increase engine speed to around 8000 rpm slowing and accelerating as in
                  session one. Stop and allow engine to cool for 10 minutes.

Session 3:   Full acceleration can be applied on the infield parts of the track with 
                  slowing on the long straights to restrict engine from peak rpm.

Good Luck in your racing.
Kiwi Karts.