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Castrol R30 Castor Oil
Tried and tested over time. An excellent oil
recommended for running in and race use in
Raket 85 and Yamaha KT100 engines.

 Castrol Activ 2T
Recommended for running in and race use
in Raket 85 & Raket 120 engines.
   Castrol Chain Oil
An excellent chain oil. Protects chain and sprockets from premature wear whilst easily to clean. Tried and tested over time. 


 Klotz R50
Synthetic lubricant developed exclusively for use in 2-stroke racing engines. TechniPlate R Racing lubricity System protects engines from extreme heat and virtually eliminates engine wear. R50 film strength is comparable to castor oil with the benefits of Clean Burn technology. Recommended only for Hi-RPM racing applications. For use in Yamaha KT100.





 Rock Oil Max Synthesis
The only oil to use in your Rotax Max, proven results.


 Rock Oil K2 Plus
Full synthetic oil for race use in both Raket 120 and Yamaha KT100 engines.



 Yamalube 2R
High performance stroke oil.


 Yamalube Sticker-Off!
Having trouble removing the glue off your bodywork after removing your decals? Yamalube melts it down to a easily removable goo that can be scraped off or wiped away.

 Yamalube Sticker-On!
The difficult job of applying your new decals can be made easier with Yamalube Sticker-On!
Sticker-On! lets you position your decals on the bodywork before they permanently stick.

 Yamalube Stockists, for motorcycle, Marine Lubricants & care products engineered to provide the finest quality performance lubricants for Yamaha Engines -